4ourth 4loor EPK

January  2019

4ourth 4loor – Songs from the Fourth Floor is released for digital download on the DHM record label, distributed by Label Worx on 22nd February 2019.

4ourth 4loor is:

Andrew Tomlinson – composer, songwriter, guitar and programming.  Andrew is from Hull, East Yorkshire. His first musical influences stem from new wave artists such as Soft Cell, Front 242, Severed Heads and Cabaret Voltaire. Later he was influenced by rap groups such as Beastie Boys and Public Enemy. Lyrical influences come from Jacques Brel, Marc Almond and Charles Aznavour.

Featuring Lou Duffy-Howard – vocals. Lou likes medieval buildings, the ocean, spoken word and music from JAMC to Jordi Savall.

Listen to the preview tracks from ‘Songs from the Fourth Floor, Ray of Sunlight

Moment of Clarity

The album cover photograph of Andrew by Richard Duffy-Howard has already had major recognition as the winning entry in the Music Industry Yorkshire music photography competition. Chosen by a host of top photographers who contribute to NME, Select, Kerrang, Q, MOJO, Rolling Stone, Vice, GQ, Rolling Stone and Billboard the image was shown at Hull International Photography Festival – HIPFest.

Andrew Tomlinson photo by Richard Duffy-Howard
Andrew Tomlinson photo by Richard Duffy-Howard

Produced by Andrew Tomlinson and Dan Foster. At the helm of Element Studio, Wincolmlee, Dan steered Songs from the Fourth Floor through the stormy seas of procrastination into the harbour of completion.

Welcome to the 4ourth 4loor, a place of ghosts and memories, turmoil, distraction, love and loss, sublime highs and deathly lows. Enjoy your stay..

  1. Angel
  2. In the Mourning
  3. Flamborough Head
  4. Moment of Clarity
  5. Laid Bare
  6. Coming Through
  7. Ray of Sunlight
  8. Song of the Ocean
  9. Take the Time
  10. Coming Through Again
  11. Laid Bare Remix

Copyright Andrew Tomlinson

The album has already attracted the attention of UK wide radio and social media sites. Music blogger Red Herring: “It’s fresh and it’s totally contemporary electronic dance music, flowing from hard-edged dance to an ethereal chill out closer. Get in the car, turn it up loud, and head off to the coast. Take a trip through an album of uplifting songs but look out for the ghosts of love, loss and threads of the supernatural. Total feel-good, blow you away stuff.”

Journalist Phil Ascough on BBC Radio: “It sounds amazing – really modern electronic dance style with loads of remix potential”

Graham Brady: “I actually think it is fantastic. I played it through about three or four times it’s got some real positive energy, the same energy pet shop boys had…”

Media producer/director Darren Edwards: “It’s got big commercial potential…”

Also available, the second studio album from 4ourth 4loor, Past Lives which was released on Halloween 2017 on the DHM record label catalogue number DHM012 available from all major digital outlets and CD available from Bandcamp. Past Lives was recorded by Mikey Scott at Fruit Trade Music, Hull.

More information can be found on the 4ourth4loor website https://4ourth4loor.com/




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