Limited Edition First Pressing

4ourth4loor-with-Alan-RawGet in touch if you would like a limited edition first pressing of the 4ourth4loor album for £6.00 before they all go.

Click here to visit the 4ourth4loor shop

Or click here to  buy from Amazon

Album Art 'Flamborough Head' by Jan Tomlinson
Album Art ‘Flamborough Head’ by Jan Tomlinson

It’s fresh and totally contemporary electronic dance music. The album flows from hard-edged dance to an ethereal chill out close.”

Songwriter Graham Brady: “I was ready to think it would be good but I actually think it is fantastic. I played it through about three or four times it’s got some real positive energy, the same energy pet shop boys had…” June 2014

Journalist Phil Ascough on BBC Radio: “It sounds amazing – really modern electronic dance style with loads of remix potential” June 2014

Media producer Darren Edwards: “It’s got big commercial potential…” May 2014

Red Guitar Hallam Lewis “Love it – very vibey, and catchy too! It’s great.” June 2014

Listen to Song of the Ocean here:


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